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At the center of all activities is the customer. ATG ensures that the products and service commitments deliver to the customer Application-Specific, Purpose-Built tires for an unmatched experience.

ATG has been able to deliver this through the concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Intensive Research and Development and Superior Technology

Service Reach

Trust and Heritage


Purchasing a tire is often difficult given the absence of clear parameters for choice. The true value of a tire emerges only when its productivity is considered across its lifetime.

ATG has revolutionized the decision-making process in selecting any Off-Highway Tires by introducing the concept of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). TCO provides consumers the ability to make an informed purchase decision in Off-Highway Tires. ATG's tires have a longer life, lower downtime and excellent service support that ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Application-specific purpose-built tires from ATG are engineered to provide the user with the right tire for the right job. Thus the tires provide the best and most economic service that is required for a particular job. 

ATG works closely with end users to understand their specific usage pattern and needs. This gives ATG’s product development team valuable inputs on product design. Also ATG works closely with leading original equipment manufacturers to study machine and tire compatibility.

ATG’s TCO approach is based on the following points:

  • Need identification.
  • Product development and field trials.
  • Efficient manufacturing and widespread after-sales support.
  • Customer / user feedback on product performance.
Need identification is being done systematically by involving end users and OEMs on a regular basis. End-user inputs help ATG to develop products for their specific needs and usage patterns. ATG’s policy of developing application-specific purpose-built products is also welcomed by OEMs who require customized solutions for their machines, usage terrain conditions etc. 

Intensive product development, using advanced simulation software and prototyping technology reduce product development timelines by a huge margin. This efficiency contributes to lower development costs of products. This also ensures that new products are defect-free. 

Field trials are done with end users and OEMs to gauge the product’s performance and based on the field-trial feedback, further refinement is done before making the product available for sales. 

ATG’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that consistent quality is maintained throughout. Field engineers remain in constant contact with customers to gather feedback on the product performance and help out accordingly. 

To conclude, in the TCO approach we ensure that our customers gets proper guidance for product selection, based on the machine requirement, and gets better return on investment.
The company has been able to deliver TCO through:

Intensive Research and Development and Superior Technology

A core team of more than hundred engineers at the four state-of-art R&D centers, strategically located across the globe in Israel, India, South Africa and U.S.A, gives ATG its enormous strength in product design and development. R&D centers are placed in a manner as to get a comprehensive overview of global and local markets. It is the constant innovation and technology at ATG that has enabled it to have an enviable range of off highway tires spanning more than 260 patterns and 2600 individual products. ATG’s leadership in the off highway segment owes its position to the focus on delivering better costs and value to the customers through superior technology, engineering and product development. 

ATG employs advanced technology like abacus finite element software to design and test tires virtually. This helps the designers understand the product and make changes before prototyping. Also, all products undergo a series of indoor and outdoor testing before they are cleared for commercial use. 
Service Reach
ATG has an active presence in over 120 countries and an elaborate network of dealers and distributors. This ensures that it is there to service the requirements of customers in any country across the globe. 

ATG understands that in the Off Highway Tire segment customers cannot afford a downtime because of the tires. It is with this need for a quick response that it has now started innovative service solutions that offer customers service at their doorstep. ATG’s warehouses in strategic locations across the globe ensure that the customers get the quickest possible response to their demands. 

To ensure better customer satisfaction and product mix availability, ATG has re-aligned its production capacities. This gives its customers flexibility to choose from a wide range of products. 
Trust and Heritage
Over the years ATG’s TCO approach has helped in increasing the base of loyal customers and winning over new customers.  With time, the heritage of ATG brands has drawn loyal and passionate customers across the world. Each of ATG’s brands has a long history of trust that goes back over ninety years. The company has always been known for the superior quality and high level of technology of its products.

ATG’s TCO approach plays a key role in strengthening the customer’s trust and faith in the product and service. 

Heritage is the ultimate outcome of a combination of trust and faith towards a common objective and winning hearts of end customers by offering them proven products is the only way of developing trust and faith. ATG is committed for the same with its technical advancement keeping a futuristic approach.
ATG’s consistent focus on product innovation in line with the customer expectations helped in winning new customers and increasing the base of loyal customers. The Off Highway Tire segment has been ATG’s focus and specialization for the last six decades and as a result, ATG is amongst the best in the category.Our focus on business approach is reflected through a vast product range having more than 226 patterns and 2600 SKUs to cater to customers’ needs across all segments. Our customer-centric approach is also reflected through realignment of production facilities.
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