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Alliance 363 IF and VF tires: row crop has never been so easy
There is only one track that you need to follow to get the best from your harvest. That same track that the wrong tire can easily destroy if you drive back and forward in the wet season or with a full load.

“It doesn’t matter how much it rains and if the soil looks more like mud than ground, since I have fitted the Alliance 363 VF I don’t need to worry about soil conditions anymore”. Menno Timmer, Dutch entrepreneur in flower industry, has welcomed Alliance VF technology in his farm and said goodbye to the concerns.
Insights on Alliance Agri-Flex 363 IF from Steve Aldrich of Minnesota, USA
Steve Aldrich from CFS, Minnesota USA shares his experience with new Alliance tire Agri-Flex 363 IF.
An ardent Galaxy fan in the Czech Republic!
You know that your product has provided stellar performance to a customer or proved to be dud the moment you meet the user. Jerzy Kalucki, ATG’s field engineer and representative from CEMAT (ATG’s distributor for Czech Republic).
Galaxy HULK L-5 earns the trust of a leading rental company!
Mr Daniel Chobot runs the ChobotDan Company which was established in 1999 to principally cater to earth excavation and road transport markets in the region.His company rents construction machines with or without operators.
A fleet of Bobcats. One tyre of choice, Galaxy HULK L-5!
Meccano is a construction company with Head Quarter in the region of Ostrava a beautiful mountain region of Czech Republic. Company was formed in 2000 and is considered as opinion leader for the sector of their activity and is well known in whole Czech Republic.
Galaxy Hulk L-5 lives the tough life in the Czech Republic!
Subland is a construction company with Head Quarter in the region of Ostrava a beautiful mountain region of Czech Republic. The company was formed in 1993 and is one of the best listed companies in their field, even beyond their region. They provide comprehensive construction and reconstruction works, including turnkey projects.
Galaxy High Lift Radial helps Slovakian business improve productivity!
The BUSOV Farm is one of few farms of Agroslužby Bardejov, s.r.o. Agroholding. This 8000Ha farm is located mountainous region of North Slovakia, producing fodder and agricultural crops. They use a Claas 6030 CP SCORPION VARIPOWER telescopic handler which mainly works as a loader in the farm and assisting construction jobs.
It runs, and runs, and runs more than 6,000 operating hours on a 20-ton excavator
Wherever new ways, roads or railway lines are built in the region between Antwerp and Brussels, there is a field of activity for Luc Bosch and his team. The building contractor from Oelegem, Belgium, has specialised in preparatory works for road and railway line constuction and is since considered an expert for these fields of work.
Galaxy HULK L-5 impresses and creates a new fan in Slovakia!
The BREZOV Agro-holding is an 850Ha farm that also holds 170 heads of livestock in the mountainous region of Slovakia. They grow agricultural crops and breed livestock. They use a JCB ROBOT 80/1269 skid steer loader to handle a variety of jobs.
Super High Lift R-1 increases productivity of a Polish lumber mill!
Galaxy distribution partner in Poland, Anmar Gorlice is also a machine dealer. They have been active in the market for more than 20 years and are quiet popular in their region. They continue to work with other companies in the region who buy their machines.
Super Industrial Lug keeps the business running!
The Pol-Bruk company is a family run business in Kraków, Poland, that is into the construction and paving jobs. Kraków is a city that is developing very quickly and has a very competitive market when it comes to services offered in the construction industry.
Hulk doubles the life of Bobcat OE own brand tyres
Bickington farms use 2 bobcat 2 speed skid steers on Yeo farm near Bickington, Devon. They use 12-16.5 tyres on their bobcats and have tested the original equipment that the vehicles are delivered on against our own Galaxy Hulks with an L5 tread pattern.
Alliance AF 333 performs flawlessly for this French logger!
Mr. Hubert Terrillon, based at 21400 Amplilly le Sec, in Bourgogne (Burgundy), east of central France, runs a forestry business. He uses a 101 HP Valtra 6350 MFWA tractor bought in the year 2002. It has worked for more than 9027 hours. The tractor tows an Igland twin axle forestry trailer.
Alliance 345 Forestar LS-2 handles heavy French Oak and Beech with ease!
Mr. Laurent Vendanger based at 76890 Butot, in the Normandy region, France, runs a forestry business. He uses a 2012 Camox F140 Grapple skidder.

Alliance Forestry tyres: Satisfaction guranteed!
Mr. Ludovic Colombier based at 89420 Cussy les Forges,in the Yonne region in central France runs a forestry business.

Alliance 570 and a Manitou. The winning combination for this French farmer.
SCEA Vuilliers located in the eastern region of France cultivate a 200 hectare farm which includes 120 hectares of cereals, mainly maize. They also have cattle.

Specialist Turf grower finds Galaxy is best solution.
Shrubhill farms needed a front end option for their turf operation and they found the best solution to be the Galaxy Turf Special. Shrubhill farms Ltd of Thetford England work around 3000acres of which approximately half is potatoes and wheat and the other half is a specialist turf growing business . They produce various grades including a “wild flower“ mat for at the side of roads and a special Sedum turf used for a roofing material – both are recognized environment friendly products.
Alliance 350 Row Crop Radial: The most popular Row Crop radial keeps this French farmer happy!
Mr. Lescieux, from 02340 Dizy le Gros, in the northern region of France farms 350 hectares. This includes wheat, rape seed, spring barley, potatoes and onion. The soil in these parts is basically clay and loamy type.
Alliance 221: Proving its mettle on the Swiss Alps!
Schallenberger Leo AG is a company that has a history of over 40 years, into its second generation now. They have diversified operations and services relating to agricultural machines, commercial vehicles service, towing operations and the like. They operate through 3 branches and are known beyond their regions for the high quality services they provide.
Galaxy Garden-Pro, the right tyre for the Municipality of Vingt Hanaps!
The Municipality of Vingt Hanaps, with a population of 469 (in 2012) is located in Normandy, France. It covers an area of 11,58 km². Mr. Bothet is responsible for the maintenance of the municipality’s green area. And to do exactly that he has the ideal machine, a 2014 Kubota B2530 utility tractor.
French farmer finds the FarmPRO and AGRIFLEX to be stable partners!
Multitrav LOEUILLY, an agricultural contractor is located in the region north of Paris in France. They have a DEUTZ-FAHR 6190TTV tractor equipped with Alliance FarmPRO size 13.6R36 in the front and the new IF tyre 354 AGRIFLEX in the rear axle, size 380/90R50.
Alliance FarmPRO excels on an Artec F40 sprayer
The sprayer has a permissible capacity of 13360 kilogrammes. The tank can contain 5000 litres which is equal to 6500 kg of liquid nitrogen or 5000 litres of pesticides. The machine is equipped with a 36 meters wide boom which is carried in front of the driver’s cabin to give better visual control.
Alliance Forestry Tyres - Planting new pines!
The EURL Jean-Luc – Renaud ESPUNY is a forestry contractor company doing all forestry works from the preparation of the ground to the plantation of pines.
Alliance Forestry Tyres Tackle the Alpine Forests.
This is the second time an Alliance tyre has equipped the firm’s Fendt 930, 310 HP MFWA tractor. Earlier the tractor had 600/65-34 F346 on the front and 710/70R42 F365 in the rear axle. Currently it is fitted with 600/65R34 165A8 F342 in the front and in the rear a pair of 710/70R42 173A8 F365s do duty.
Alliance Flotation tires - Ryetec’s choice.
Mark Harrison of Ryetec imports Gustrower Spreaders both Trailed and Self Propelled (MAN). He has sold these vehicles to R J Cutting and David Temple (Who have both agreed to endorse our products and have submitted testimonials about the performance of Alliance tyres on their machines earlier) and is currently quoting for up to 4 more.
Galaxy Hulk L-5: The right tyre for tough jobs.
The Hulk L-5 the premium skid steer tyre from Galaxy is no stranger to tough jobs. It has been proving that its performance is second to none anywhere in the world. It now has now won over S Brown (Paving) LTD of Derbyshire, UK.
372 AGRIFLEX- Lands & wins in Normandy!
Mr Jean Fortin who lives in Normandy, France, recently upgraded the tyres on his John Deere 8530, a 350HP, MFWA tractor with Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX (IF) tyres, from that of a leading brand he used earlier.
Croft Farm Estate. A family that trust’s Alliance!
John Wheel (52, Father) of Croft Hall is the foreman for Croft farm estates in Croft on tees, near Darlington, North Yorkshire. They farm 3500 acres of winter wheat, Barley, Rape Seed and Xmas trees.
365 AGRISTAR on A FASTRAC Roadwork! No problem!
Roland (Father) and Carwyn (Son) run a farm and contracting business from their Clergyn farm in Letterstone, Pembrokeshire near the south Wales coast. Among their 8 tractors, 2 combines, 4 trailers and telescopic handler they run a JCB Fastrac 3220+. Given its 65 Kmh top speed capability it is used for the gruelling haulage work including: - potatoes, silage and corn.
Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX (IF) – walks the talk in France
The Duprezs’, Hervé & Bertrand are farmers in the Northern region of France. They own and cultivate a 350 hectare farm in which they have 220 hectares of wheat, 80 hectares of sugar beet and 50 hectares of rape seed.
Galaxy Garden-Pro - At home in the Italian Alps!
Az.Agric. Lentsch has 10 hectares of apple orchards and 10 hectares of vineyards, they have also another Lamborghini tractor that has been bought used, but Mr. Davide also immediately equipped it with GardenPro, the same sizes on the Deutz.
550 MULTIUSE – Exceptional performance in Spain!
Local tire dealer Javier Antoraz, an agricultural tires specialist from the region of Castilla León, is always trying to provide the best service for his highly professional agricultural machinery users. When Mr. José entered his tire dealer complaining that his tires were failing constantly with punctures,
Alliance 328 Flotation. Years of service in the UK!
For many years now Trow have used the Alliance 328 Flotation on their trailers because they are the only tyres to carry the load at the speed required without giving problems. They have used both 600/50-22.5 and 700/50-22.5. They rate the tyres so highly that they have recently recommended them to a neighbouring farm who have just ordered a set...
Alliance 331 Forestry: 14000 hours, kein problem!
Lothar Kappus runs a forestry business in Germany. His company founded in 2002 is reputed to be a leader and competent partner in matters of forestry and associated technology.
Alliance 365 Agristar. A smooth & gritty performer under the Andalusian sun!
After local field engineer promoted the A365 Agristar with agricultural tire specialist Neumáticos Fuentes in the Spanish region of Andalucia, they fitted on the rear axle of a CASE PUMA 195 with the size 650/65R42, belonging to the company Transformaciones Suagri. The results couldn't have been better!
Alliance 365 Agristar, Great traction, comfort and no punctures!
One of the most important farms in the Castilla la Mancha region of Spain was not happy with the performance of the tires from a leading brand in his Fendt 820 Vario tractor. The tyres wore out completely 4000 working hours. Additionally there were several punctures and successive repairs since his 2000 hectares field has mostly rocky surface.
Alliance 331 HD, helps keep the Dutch canals free and flowing!
Martin van Noort bought this machine in 2013. Due to his good experience from the past, he equipped the wheeled excavator with a set of 700/40-22.5 Alliance A-331 HD (Heavy Duty) tires. For many years the Alliance 331 (700/40-22.5) has been his number one favourite tyre. He can work at least 10.000hrs without any single problem!
Alliance 550 Multiuse: Perfect for all sort of road applications!
La SARL Bouvard started to use Alliance tires on a trailer. As they were satisfied by the job done with Alliance tires, they decided to try on others machines as well. Alongwith their tire dealer, Guillaume Thevenin (Agripneu Services), ATG showed and explained them the benefits and different solutions they can have with Alliance tires.
Alliance 365 Agristar gets the Carrot!!
They are using a special machine for harvesting carrot, where their Case CVX 230 is working. Lot of traction is required for this job. They fitted 710/70R38 A365 171D and 600/65R28 A365 147D. the Case CVX 230 is also used with the slurry tanker.
Alliance 550: Exceptional Multipurpose Tires in Spain!!!
Following the suggestion of local Spanish market Field Engineer, Mr. Jose Centelles fitted Alliance 550 tires on his FENDT 820 VARIO since the normal R-1 radial agricultural tires were not performing as he expected.
Long Hours of Heavy Lifting- Galaxy Portstar
Pentalver currently have a contract with Competitor Tires to provide tyres for their in-house fleet of SMV 4531 TBS reach stackers but occasionally try other brands to benchmark.
For one of these excercises they decided to test our own Galaxy portstar+ tyres in an 18.00-25.
Alliance 365 Agristar has a new Scottish Fan
During early 2015, contractor Andrew Grant wanted to replace his tractor tyres which had completed 3299 working hours. He was not dissatisfied with this performance as the tractor works most of the time on the tough roads but given the price to replace with the same, he considered other options.
Alliance 365 gives all-round satisfaction to French farmers!!!
Mr. Jocelyn Bernard and Mr. Régis Bernard are farmers in the plain of Caen in Calvados in Normandy. They operate a mixed crop and breeding farm: 80 hectares of wheat, 25 hectares of colza, 20 hectares of flax, 15 hectares of field corn, 15 hectares of peas, 10 hectares of barley and 10 acres of sugar beets ......
Alliance 365 outperforms the local competition tires in Belarus!!!
Following recommendation of the professional tire distributor of Alliance in Belarus, BHTS Co, the end user substituted the local tires with Alliance A 365. Initially 650/65 R 42 tires were mounted in 2012 on rear axle, most critical in terms ......
Alliance 550: Exceptional Multipurpose Tires in Belarus!!!
Agro Company “PRAVDA”, following the recommendation of ATG distributor in Belarus during the Alliance product training seminars in the spring of 2014, fitted the set of Alliance 550 MULTIUSE on their telehandler, that is . ......
Absolute satisfaction with Alliance 550 Multiuse in Belarus!!!
In July 2014, following the offer from ATG distributor in Belarus, Belshintorgservice LLC, to start field testing program of 550 MULTIUSE, the end user, KREMKO Agro Company, fitted complete set of the Alliance 550 on their loader John Deere 3400. The machine is used extremely during the whole ......
Alliance A 365 wins trust in Belorussian fields!!!
The big agricultural end user, JSC “PODLESSYE“, from Minsk area fitted Alliance 365 to front axle of local High Power tractor (300 horse powers engine) MTW 3022 to increase the efficiency of the machine during the major field ......
Alliance A 365 becomes the most prefered choice for Belorussian contractor!!!
The agricultural state contractor, Soligorskiy Regional Agroservice, attended the Alliance initial product training seminar taking place in Minsk region which was organized by ATG and their distributor in Belarus. In April 2014,following the recommendation from ATG distributor during the ......
UK: Hulk outlasts the opposition twofold!!!
Simon King (Estate manager for Somerford park Farms) initially used cheap competitor tyres on his Skid steer vehicles. The fitment was 12-16.5 haulier and the cheap tyres would last for one season or 12 months......
Dutch Contractor Cees Lanser chooses Alliance 550 for his Tractor!!!
Cees Lanser is a contractor based in Lisserbroek, Western Netherlands. He is responsible for the maintenance of the Nature Reserves in the dune areas of a part of the Dutch coast. .......
Alliance 580: Steel Belted with Superior Value in Hungary!!!
Agárd Farm Ltd had purchased 2 sets of Alliance 580, 460/70R24 for their telehandler Manitou MLT735. The machine is required to work in extreme conditions from soft soils to hard concrete surfaces.
The customer, Mr. Sági Zoltán, says “The tires are in good condition .......
Alliance A365 on JCB Fastrac are streets ahead in the fields of Great Britain!!
Yorkshire Land drainage runs three JCB 3220+ Fastrac and numerous pieces of plant. One of the Fastracs is on Alliance A365 & other two on competitor tyres. The customer was very impressed with the Alliance tires’......
Galaxy Beefy Baby proves its worth in UK!!
ATG Dealer, ATS Euromaster, was recently asked for a heavy duty tread pattern to replace the front of their JCB 3CX backhoe loader (12.5/80-18) by Westmoreland Plant, UK. They were finally convinced to try the Galaxy beefy baby even though the cost was slightly more..........
Alliance 390 floats on the delicate fields in UK!!
SERCO originally approached ATS Euromaster to help with a ground care tractor which had been exhibiting differential windup since delivery on a set of competitor tires. Euromaster invited ATG to make recommendations that might alleviate this problem............
Galaxy Garden Pro: Most Versatile Tires for Gardens of France!!
Mr. Josserand is a landscape specialist in Vierzon located in the centre of France. Recently he fitted his Kubota B2410 compact tractor with the new Galaxy Garden Pro tires (Size 240/60R12+280/70R18). The tractor is used for a wide...........
Alliance 390: Widest Tires for a 30,000 litre Slurry Tanker in Germany!!
Meier und Partner AGRARSERVICE GmbH & Co. KG is an agri-company based in Westegeln, Germany. They had bought a Kawecko Swan Neck 30,000 litre slurry tanker booted with Alliance 390 tires (850/50R30.5, 182D)..........
Exceptional efficiency and stability of Alliance 370, mounted on the HD local tractor in Belarus
Joint-Stock Agro company Shaiterovo from Vitebsk region Belarus in spring 2014 started fitment of Alliance 370 tire (580/70R42) on the rear axles of HD local tractors MTW – BELARUS 3022 (3 sets x 2 tires fitted) after..........
Stable Performance of Alliance 345 Forestry Tires in Belarus
The chief mechanic of the Miloshevichi Forestry from Gomel region, Belarus, witnessed his satisfaction with the performance of 18.4-34, 10PR, 144A6 Alliance 345 Forest tires, mounted in 2011 on the rear axles of the two local tractors MPT 461.1..........
Alliance 533, Successful Fitment On Local Road Construction Machines in Belarus!!!
Agro Company “BALINY” from Vitebsk region of Belarus after getting training and on recommendations from Alliance and local ATG dealer, Belshintorgservice, fitted their road construction machine AMKODOR 342C4 .........
Alliance 360,370: Lowest Total cost of Ownership (TCO) concept in practice, Belarus 2014
Agro Cooperative Company “Denschikovo” from Grodno Region of Belarus started cooperation with ATG/Belshintorgservice in 2011 with fitment of 600/70R30 152A8 Alliance 370 on the front axle of their John Deer 8420 tractor.........
Alliance 533, Efficient Tire Solution for Local Loaders in Belarus!!!:
“Obukhov” Agro Cooperation Company from Grodno region, Belarus were facing the problem of high operational costs due to the regular front tire repair and high downtime of their machines (Amkodor 342-04 Loaders) due to local tires’ failures........
Alliance 390 Flotation Radial: Wins the trust of Timo Mücke!:
Timo Mücke is a contractor based in Reppen, Germany with a large range of machines. On one of his Bergmann Trailer is fitted Alliance A 390 tires, size 710/50 R26.5. This trailer is being used for carrying different goods on and off the field. He says...................
Alliance 388 & 380 Adds One More Loyal Cutomer in UK!:
Mr. Rob Cutting runs a contractor business alongside the family farm business. They own a fleet of trailers mounted with Alliance tires. Around February this year he took delivery of a MAN TGM 13.290 with a Gustrower Spreader on the Chassis....................
Delighted Alliance 380 Customer from UK!:
Kookaburra Contracting is a Fertilizer and lime spreading contractor based near Reading ,UK .They have just taken delivery of a new Gustrower spreader. This spreader is different from the normal as rather than trailed behind a tractor it is mounted to...................
Delighted Primex Customer from France:
The Horticultural School based in Evreux, Normandy, France provides training for landscape and horticultural jobs. Currently they provide training to 200 Students, 230 apprentices, 40 trainees....................

Alliance 390 proves to be the best fitment for a Dutchman!:
WTC de Kempen, based in Vessem, Netherland, is an association which is engaged in the leasing of agricultural machinery and mainly performs almost all wage work. It owns in total over 300 machines. In 2013 it started with one of the...................
900/65R32 (35.5LR32) Alliance 393 The Biggest Flotation Tire On VMR Veenhuis Slurry Tanker in Netherland!:
Contractor Klerks, owned by 2 brothers, is based in Helvoirt Netherlands. Klerks is the first contractor in Benelux with the biggest 900/65R32 Alliance 393 flotation tires on a slurry tanker. Alliance 393 Agri-Transport series combines the....................
Alliance 350- Built for British Farmers!:
Team Sprayers is a family owned business and has been manufacturing sprayers since 1981, solely in the UK, for a variety of markets, including; agriculture, groundcare and horticulture. On a recent visit to Team Sprayers Mr. Danny Hubbard, ...................
Alliance 365 Agristar & 360 - Satisfying the Farmers from Italy!:
The company La Gasparina, owned by Benedetti brothers, is an agricultural contractor, based in Sommacampagna in the province of Verona, Veneto, Northern Italy. The core business of Benedetti brothers is piggery. ....................
The HULK!! Of Romania:
Kiat Group is a construction company based in Cluj Napoca, Romania. They own Bobcat skid-steer machines for road repairs and maintenance works. These machines constantly work on extremely rough terrains which cause the....................
Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX impresses Dutch farm contractor, Theo van Dam!:
Agricultural contractor Theo van Dam, who is based in Wieringerwerf, North-Holland has equipped his Agrifac Condor self propelled sprayer with a set of brand new Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX tires, size IF 320/105R46....................
Over 3000 hours and no downtime. The Alliance 528 Dual Master proves it again!:
Construction contractor Pelle is based in Hengevelde, Netherlands. They are one of the contractors who partnered Alliance to test the 315/80R22.5 528 Dual Master. The All Steel Excavator Radial, with directional lug design, in 2012. ...................
Alliance Row Crop tires make their mark in Netherland’s famous flower fields!:
Netherland’s flower fields are famous the world over. The Duin- en Bollenstreek region (Dutch for "Dune and Bulb Region"), situated at the heart of historical Holland around the city of Katwijk, South Holland, bordered by The Hague in the south and Haarlem in the northern side. ...................
885 Flotation Radial wins praise for its excellent performance in the Netherlands!:
André van den Hanenberg founded Hanenberg Wegenbouw in 1986 as a company specialising in paving, in the Netherlands. Today it has grown into a specialist in road construction. Based in Oss, a city in the province of North Brabant, in ...................
The Alliance 360 radial appreciated by seasoned Venetian farmers!:
The father-son duo of Mr. Reato Fabio and Mattia are agricultural contractors located in Borbiago Di Mira, near the historic city of Venice. They have a large agricultural plot of 50 hectares and also provide their services to farmers in their locality..................
365 Agristar makes an Alliance fan out of Senor Giorgio Ragogna!:
Mr. Giorgio Ragogna, is an agricultural contractor located at Arzene in the Province of Pordenone in Italy’s north eastern part. He has his own 40 hectares of agricultural land and also services other farms in the region with his fleet of 4 tractots.................
550 MULTIUSE shines in waste handling duties:
In sept 2012, SITA (Société industrielle de transport automobile), France inaugurated a new waste re-cycling plant at Villers Saint-Paul (Oise, north of Paris). This completely automated facility has the capacity to recycle plastic packaging up to 3000 metric tons per year................
380 HD flotation radial : The ‘no problems tire’!.
Matthias Schoo is a Forestry contractor from Germany who has a variety of machines. On one of his trailer are fitted Alliance 380 HD (Heavy Duty) tire, size 650/55 R26.5. This trailer is used by Matthias to transport variety of goods, from corn and wood chips...............
Alliance 550 MULTIUSE - ‘Very good tire’
Landgut Brodau, located in the German town of Delitzsch, is an agricultural contractor, who uses a variety of machines. One of the machines, they bought in Septmber 2013, a new John Deere 740i Sprayer, was delivered with two Alliance 550 MULTIUSE, size 480/80 R 38..............
Alliance 370 Radial makes sugarcane season sweeter!
Britannia Sugar Estate, in Mauritius is into cultivation of sugar cane. They had recurring problems with the tires on their Bell tractors, which pull sugarcane trolleys. The tractors had to collect the cane from the field and transport them to the factory on asphalted roads.............
Alliance 328 - 18 years in service, still going strong!
Herbert Alff, a farmer in Germany bought his slurry tanker way back in 1996. This tanker came installed with Alliance 328 Flotation Diagonal tire, size 550/60-22.5, as Original Equipment (OE)............
376 MULTISTAR 3rd season and still going strong ! A success story from Netherlands.
Agricultural contractor Waterschoot is based in Hoogeloon, Netherlands. Waterschoot is one of the companies where we started to test 1050/50R32 A-376 (Multistar) on a Vervaet self-propelled manure spreader, it was in 2012...........
Municipality of The Hague chooses the MULTIUSE 550
Municipality of The Hague bought a John Deere 6125R tractor equipped with 600/65R38 (Rear) & 480/65R28 (Front) Alliance MULTIUSE 550 Radial, after recommendation of John Deere dealer Kraakman Voorhout. Salesman Jon Verburg prefers the MULTIUSE 550 Radial to retreaded (grassland pattern) tractor tires..........
Dual Master proves the point in Belgium. 3500 hours without punctures, downtime!!
Construction contractor Luc Bosch is based in Oelegem, Belgium. Luc Bosch is one of the companies where we started to test the 315/80R22.5 Alliance Dual Master 506 on a Doosan DX190W, it was in 2012. Now after 2 years, and more than 3500 hrs later his driver is very happy and satisfied with these tires..........
A satisifed Alliance customer from The Netherlands
According Mr. Van der Spek those A-390’s are the best flotation tires; excellent driving comfort on the road (empty and full loaded), excellent traction in the field and low rolling resistance on the road, excellent self cleaning characteristics, less compaction of the soil..........
342 Forestry Radial, an ideal alternative!
Martin Neve , MD of Even Forestry, from the United Kingdom has always used forestry tires from Brand N on his machines as he found them reliable. When he ordered his New John Deere 1170E the front size was 710/40R24.5 and not available in the portfolio of Brand N, so he was supplied with Alliance 342 Forestar Radial..........
Alliance 380 HD - The Heavy Duty tire for Heavy Duty jobs!
The Alliance 380 HD steel belted flotation radial is a tire that is designed to handle the heavy duty jobs of a modern wheeled excavator. Its high NSD non directional tread design provide high traction in both directions of travel, which is improtant for a wheeled excavator working at a job site. Also stability is a very high priority, since the excavators with their extended booms need to shift heavy objects, either by moving or by being stationary.........
Agricultural contractor Kalis Landbouw is based in Numansdorp, The Netherlands. Mr. Kalis and his father have known Alliance for long time and have been using Alliance tires for many years in their machines. They are extremely satisfied about the quality of the products they have used so far........
The Hulk is the premium L-5 skidsteer tire in Galaxy’s line-up. This tire has proven itself around the world working excellently in the most hazardous environment and surface conditions.

HARSCO MINERALS of France had a recurring problem of downtime due to puncture in their skidsteer.......
Alliance’s forestry tires are ranked among the top in this extremely demanding niche. This was well proven by the Alliance 344 Forestar, in the forests of Germany, where it was subject to heavy duty job in a log forwarder. The 870/45–26.5 20PR tires were used in tough forestry conditions on slopes with full load. Even after more than 800 hours in such tough conditions, the tires have suffered absolutely no damage on the sidewall or lugs.......
Mr. François Pinçon is the new owner of a 180 hectare farm in Normandy, France. He is 27 years old and has worked with the previous owner of the farm for two years before buying it himself.

In his farm he cultivates different crops, with 80 hectares dedicated for wheat, 30 hectares for sugar beets, 25 hectares for peas, 20 hectares for linen,......
Alliance 380 - a success story from Romania!
MOF LTD., from Romania, Timisoara is operating in farming and agriculture. The founder, Mr. Marcovici Ovidiu expressed his satisfaction with the Alliance 380 tyres: “I have tried many different well-known brands before, but we had to change those tires very frequently. Nothing we have used before can be compared in quality to Alliance tires.”......
Agricultural contractor Kalis Landbouw is based in Numansdorp, The Netherlands. Mr. Kalis and his father have known Alliance for long time and have been using Alliance tires for many years in their machines. They are extremely satisfied about the quality of the products they have used so far......
A story from Belarus on A385
“Lidskiy Collective Farm” is an agro company situated in the Lidskiy district of Grodno region, Belarus. It has over 6500 HA of farm land with a major focus on cultivation of corn cultures such as wheat, barley, rape.....
A New A-350 Size on a New Sprayer
The Alliance Row Crop 350 (Narrow Radial) is a well established series in the market. To keep up with its position of being the global leader in this segment, ATG constantly innovates and expands its portfolio. The new & advanced sizes introduced equip a vast array of row crop machines, thus offering benefits to the end-user....
Spreading success
Stuart Mawley from Te Mata Contractors is a big planting and harvesting contractor of tomatoes, beetroot and baby corn in the Hastings area, New Zealand. Stuart has been using Alliance tires for the last 3 years. Recently Stuart has decided to use 100% of ATG products as far as possible on his tractors and implements. Stuart is using different size Alliance A-350 Row Crop tires on his John Deere tractors that he uses to plant and harvest the vegetables i.e. 340/85R46, 14.9R46, 270/95R48 and 230/95R36 are some...

Holtrop Enterprises are providing farming services to independent Canadian farmers in Alberta, and to large businesses such as stock yards and nurseries. They have a proven service record of more than 14 years. During Alliance's representative visit to his company, Ludz Holtrop, owner of Holtrop Enterprises, expressed a complete satisfaction on Alliance A‐390 Flotation Radial tires that he decided to mount..

ETA DES ABERS from Ploundaniel, north-western France is an agricultural contracting company owned and run by three partners, Yann Faujour, Yann Kermarec and Jonathan Boulch. They started about four years ago when they bought the company they worked for. They have 4 employees and a fleet of 22 agricultural machines, 6 of them have Alliance tires installed.
The Bernatoniu farm is located near the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. The 3,500ha farm consists of cattle, raised as livestock for meat, and milk and other dairy products. Over 25 machines are utilizing the farm. Among the machine are tractors, combines, sprayers and telehandlers.
On one of their frequent visits to Queensland, ATG representatives met a number of Queensland based satisfied end users of Alliance tires who were glad to share their success stories.
Alliance’s forestry tires are ranked among the top marketleading products in this extremely demanding niche. Therefore, when LOGMAN, a Finnish manufacturer of high-end forestry forwarders & harvesters, searched for quality tires to equip its machines with, Alliance forestry tires were selected.
Prenton OÜ, an Estonian based company, purchased a pre-owned Manitou MLT-741-120 LSU machine with over 3000 hours driven. The machine’s old Michelin tires were replaced after 2000 hours by four new Alliance 17.5LR24 A-580 tires.
Mark Dalby from Queensland, Australia owns a New Holland CR9070 Twin Rotor Combine. This machine was engaged in harvesting activities at Emerald, in the northern region of Queensland.
Alliance is a pioneering brand when it comes to Flotation tires, more so in the case of modern radial flotation tires. These advanced tires are engineered to carry very heavy loads and yet have minimal impact on soil.
Two Field tests were recently performed in Australia for the new Alliance 382 radial tire series. In both the new tires were mounted on trucks operating in sugar cane fields.
UAB Rimalda is a construction contractor from Kaunas, Lithuania. With two Bobcat skidsteer machines, Mr. Rimvidas is mainly operating in road and building construction sites.
Indiana farmer and excavation contractor Ray Stradtner has learned a lot about heavy equipment in 41 years in the excavation business. One of the key lessons is to outfit your equipment with tires you can trust.
The outstanding resistance to cuts and chunking is thanks to the Primex Xtreme’s specially formulated forestry compound. The heavy sidewall and thick underskid also provide longlasting durability to keep harvest equipment – and logs – moving.
In the city of Zell an der Mosel, Germany, the Alliance MULTIUSE 550 tire series was found as the optimal solution for municipal road maintenance tasks such as snow removal, roadsides cleaning, etc.
Mr. Paul Vivion is a professional forestry contractor from Dordogne, south west France. He employs four personnel and operates two forwarders and a harvester.
Mr. Jean Marie Jacquel is an agricultural contractor from Saint Dié in the Vosges, France. In April 2009 He bought one first 22,500 liters slurry tanker from PICHON which has the Alliance 181D A-390 flotation radial installed as a standard tire.
Euroforest exhibition in 2010 was a major draw for forestry contractors, machine manufacturers and other forestry professionals from all over France and other parts of Europe.
Mr. Sébastien BERTRAND is a contractor, providing heavy duty forestry services in the region of Vosges, Eastern France. By the beginning of 2008 he bought a Camox F140 Skidder with cables, fitted with Alliance Forestar F-345 tires size 23.1-26 16 PR.
ATG’s engineers were visiting two contractor who are using the 580 Radial R-4 tires and executing industrial works where up to 60% of their usage is on the road. Both are using 460/70R24 159 A8 A580 tires on their machines:.
The 2009 harvest season was unusually wet, and Bob Johnson and other farmers in the area were worried that their combines would get stuck in the deep mud. Duals were a costly option, but Johnson needed new tires – ideally, tires that would fit on his existing 30.5-inch rims – fast..
Mr. Cherel’s machine has completed more than 900 hours with the Alliance combine tires, and never had a single puncture during the entire season.
The Alliance European team recently completed a successful technical test of Alliance tires on the New Holland CX780 harvester owned by Mr. Eric Cherel from Loudéac, Brittany, France.
FUEL is a long time customer of Alliance Tire Group's (ATG) brand. They have also been using Galaxy tires for quite some time in their sugarcane harvesters. They have been also using Galaxy Giant Hippo, size 23.5-25, for their Cameco (John Deer) cane cutting machines.
“The Alliance Agro-star radial tires we are using are as good as the original Michelin XM28 tires we bought the John Deere 7720 machine with. They provide excellent performance and outstanding traction and comfort over the road”
Mr. Daniel Tramblay has been with Karp-Kneip Construction for over 12 years and is one of their most experienced operator. For the last 4 years he has been operating Mecalac wheeled excavators installed with Mitas MPT–01 tires, and currently operates a Mecalac 12MXT multi-functional excavator installed with Alliance A-317 MPT tires.
KNI MASKINSTATION (KNI) is a farming contractor, carries out different types of agricultural works. The company, owned by Mr. Jens Hansen, is located in Orum Djurs, north east Denmark. For its activities KNI operates more than 70 different machines and farming tools, from heavy duty tractors and combines to small agricultural machines.
Moreover, even after 2 years of heavy use and 3000 hours, the tires still have 14mm of tread left, meaning that only 42% of the tread have worn off.
The Alliance tires, 650/65R 42 170A8 A-365 and 600/65R28 147A8 A-365 were mounted on that tractor, replacing the original tires. The machine is often work with a large scale Sodimac spreader, equipped with four Alliance flotation tires 650/60R26.5 A-380.
"We are satisfied with the excellent traction we get from the A-365 on our tractors as well as the self cleaning characteristics of the Alliance tires. With so many hours spent in the field, we really know to appreciate and enjoy the riding comfortability provided by the Alliance tires."
About two years ago the old Nokian tires, that the machines where originally equipped with, were damaged and needed to be replaced. VECVAGARI M has decided to replace them with Alliance’s F-344 advanced forestry flotation tires.
The 375 Agri-Star R-1W series represents a modern radial tire for Combines/Harvesters and High Power Tractors. The pattern is characterized by massive R-1W lugs which enable the development of high and efficient traction in the field. Its huge tire volume maximizes soil protection, and high comfortability.
Mr. Poral owns a HSM 904Z skidder, bought in May 2008. The skidder runs on four Alliance F-345 tires, size 30.5-32 18 PR. Since purchasing the skidder, Mr. Poral has used it for over 4700 hours without any problems.
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